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farlin world nature conservation day

Farlin World Nature Conservation Day

Farlin India is proud to celebrate the World Conservation Day today. At Farlin we are not just selling mother and baby care products for the growth and development of the baby but along with that, we are really concerned about the nature as well. We are here to celebrate this day with full of enthusiasm 

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Farlin National doctor day

Celebrate National Doctor’s Day with Farlin

Celebrate this 1st of July as a Doctor’s Day with Farlin India to pay honor and tribute for our legendary physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. This day is celebrated as the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Roy’s. Along with that, the annual celebration helps common people to get aware of the role, importance, and 

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Guidlines during pregnancy

Kick Counts Guidelines During Pregnancy

Checking your baby’s movement can tell you and your doctor a lot about your baby’s health. Beginning at 28-weeks (seven months) of the pregnancy, many doctors recommend that mothers monitor their baby’s movement once a day. The best time to monitor movement is 45-minutes to one hour after a meal. Babies are often most active 

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What makes Farlin’s Clothing detergent a better liquid cleaner than its competitors

Soon after you are blessed with a newborn baby your mind will be overloaded with tons of advice & tips coming from all your loved & dear ones, suggesting the do’s & don’ts for your angel. One of the major concerns is laundry issues. It is an obvious fact that your laundry doubles after a 

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