farlin tips for moms

Farlin Tips for Moms.

Farlin India has decided to take you to the step-by-step approach of the successful parenting with the weekly tips. The given tips would be the panacea for all your problems related to parenting. All the moms get ready for becoming the best parent!

Farlin tip for today is:

Things to buy for your newborn baby


Having a checklist of products for your newborn baby is a great thing to do. This is what you need to have on your checklist for your baby:

CLOTHING– T-shirts, pants, mittens, bibs, pajamas, sweaters, knit cap, socks, sweatshirt.
CLEANING– Baby wipes, cotton swabs, towels, handkerchiefs, baby soap, baby shampoo, baby clothes detergent, bath tub, bath mat, brush, and comb.
DIAPERING– waterproof diapers, wipes, powders and moisturizers.
BLANKETS– large and small included.
FEEDING– feeding bottles, feeders, breast pump, breast pads, pillow, and lotions for breasts.
SAFETY– corner proofing, switch guard, safety locks and door stoppers.
OTHERS– Toys, waterproof mats, teethers, brush set, floss stick, ear buds, nose cleaner.