World Environment Day

Farlin World Environment Day Contest

We are celebrating this year’s World environment day with an exciting contest. At Farlin, we have always believed in delivering world class premium products which are eco-friendly & safeguard the beauty of nature & protect environmental damage. The whole purpose behind organizing such a contest is to make everybody aware about their duties toward keeping our environment clean, safe & healthy for the present & future generations. Through this contest we want to inspire every individual to make an initiate in order to make this world a better place to live. We would also like to highlight few of our newly launched Eco-Friendly products which are made from 100% natural food grade ingredients. We hope you will surely try them

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Farlin’s Eco-friendly baby laundry detergent & liquid cleanser for baby bottles, accessories, fruits, vegetables & etc

Farlin’s Eco-friendly baby laundry detergent & liquid cleanser for baby bottles, accessories, fruits, vegetables & etc

Farlin Eco-Friendly Baby Clothing Detergent is formulated using organic and Eco-friendly cleansing agents that are gentle on the baby’s skin. You can wash your entire family’s clothes in it as it effectively removes any dirt or stain. While, Farlin’s Eco Friendly Baby Liquid Cleanser is mild, natural, FDA and ECOCERT certified. You can wash almost anything with it. It is suitable for washing your baby’s feeding bottle, pacifier, gum soother, table ware, fruits and vegetables to name a few. This liquid cleanser is very effective in removing stains of milk residue.

Top reasons to start using Farlin’s eco friendly Laundry detergent & liquid cleanser for baby’s:

  • Farlin’s liquid cleanser & laundry detergent is biodegradable, Organic Plant extract cleaning agent (FDA Approved ingredients) and Eco- Friendly.
  • They have Natural derived Tangerine extract which effectively removes stains and grease of milk residue.
  • They are made from Non-toxic, Food grade, Anti-bacteria ingredients, organic and strong in removing grease of milk Residue and dirt.
  • Farlin’s liquid cleanser & laundry detergent are Phosphorus, phosphate as well as fluorescence free
  • Farlin’s laundry detergent has multi-purpose liquid which can be used to clean and disinfect baby’s feeding bottle, pacifier, gum soother, table ware, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Farlin’s laundry detergent has high Water-Soluble Formula: washes clothes even at 30 degree Celsius. Suitable for standard, front and top load high efficiency washing machines

We loved to take care for environment so that this contest is truly dedicated to Environment and future generation.

It’s high time for every parent of this country to start protecting our environment from all sorts of pollution. So let us know how environment friendly you are & enlighten us with steps & measures you have taken in your daily life to make this world clean, safe, hygienic, and unpolluted  for you & your kids.

How to participate?

  • Post a picture with a caption regarding how you are contributing towards environment Protection.
  • You simply have to post your Picture with a caption in either of the 3 below social media channels

# Facebook – You can directly post the picture in our official Farlin India page on Facebook

Link –

# Twitter – You can post the picture on your twitter profile with the caption & tag our official Farlin India account @FarlinIndia


# Instagram – You can post the picture on your Instagram profile with the caption & tag our official Farlin India account @officialfarlinindia


  1. Best three entries will be selected for winner by our Farlin Team.

Note- Please don’t post your entries on Comment section, it will not taken as a valid entry. Do not use another person or another website content.

Contest Theme

Share a Picture which describes your steps toward Environment protection with good caption. The limit of the caption is only 500 words. Three best entries will be declared as the winners and they will receive Farlin Gift hampers .

Who will select the winner?

The Farlin team will choose the winner according to the caption quality and message behind the caption.

Last day of participation

The last day of participation is 20th June. Please submit your entries before 20th June.