How to make your house baby friendly

This is how you can make your house baby friendly.

As a parent, we all worry about the safety of our baby. We would like to share few tips on how to make your home baby friendly/ baby proof.

Make the room baby friendly by adorning it with colorful toys and attractive furniture. Never leave your baby alone, always play with your baby, sing a mild song for him/her and try to make your baby giggle by playing and making faces. Nothing is more blissful than a baby’s giggle.
Apart from this, preventing injuries due to accidental or careless collisions would be your main concern. To make your home safe for baby there are some products absolutely brought you by Farlin for the childproofing, these products are:

FARLIN BED GUARD RAIL Farlin safety bed rail protects your little one from any injury that may be caused by falling off the bed. Safety Bed Rail ensures that when you leave your little one in bed and attend to someone on the door or go to perform a daily chore he/ she does not fall of it in your absence.  You do not have to worry about your child slipping or falling off the bed when you are away.

FARLIN MULTI USE TAPE FOR TABLE EDGE– It is a multi-purpose tape which is ideal for more protection & safety for children with the soft material though, the strengthened Velcro tape can be used for excellent fixing. It can be applied to all sharp corners of all furniture and other household items.

FARLIN SAFETY DOOR STOPPER–  To be placed at the bottom of the door, in order to avoid door bumped to close by wind blow accidentally. Effectively prevents the children’s hands from being inserted by the door. Soft material fits any type of door.

FARLIN SAFETY LOCK FOR DRAWER–  Easy to use for adults yet safety for children.  It prevents Injury To Kids Hand and also prevents Kids From Taking Out Dangerous Articles by mistake from the drawer.

FARLIN MULTI USE GUARD FOR TABLE EDGE It prevents Children From colliding with sharp edges and it is compact and Easy To Use with soft material for Good Protection.