What makes Farlin’s Clothing detergent a better liquid cleaner than its competitors

Soon after you are blessed with a newborn baby your mind will be overloaded with tons of advice & tips coming from all your loved & dear ones, suggesting the do’s & don’ts for your angel. One of the major concerns is laundry issues. It is an obvious fact that your laundry doubles after a baby arrives as a baby goes through multiple outfits a day. This makes many parents head spin & you will end up wondering whether to use a regular clothing detergent or to go for a baby specific clothing detergent to wash baby cloths without getting any solid answer.

Can we use a regular clothing detergent to wash baby’s cloth?

A newborn’s skin is very soft & sensitive; washing your infant’s cloths with a regular detergent might cause skin irritation & infection. In some serious cases it can also lead to allergies like eczema or skin rashes as well. You will never be able to figure out these issues till the time it reaches its apex & can then be observed with your naked eyes. You simply cannot take such a huge risk with your baby at such a tender age.

So the answer to this question is a big No. Yes we agree that a few babies are genetically strong with a good immune system but then again they aren’t any Chota Bheem or a Mowgli.

Why you should use a baby specific clothing detergent?

Baby specific detergents are chemical free & do not contain harmful ingredients which reduces the chances of skin infections by 99%. One of the most trustworthy & doctor’s recommended baby clothing detergent is Farlin’s liquid cleaner which is made from 100% natural plants formula.  It has anti –bacterial and superior cleaning effects that efficiently removes hard stains & greasy dirt without hurting the fabric or fading the colour. Farlin’s clothing detergent makes cleaning easy as it generates gentle bubbles which make rinsing clothes very smooth. Its unique anti-stink formula makes the clothes softer and offers a delicate fragrance smell after washing.

Can we use farlin’s clothing detergent for everyone’s laundry?

Of course you should use a single detergent that fulfils all laundry purpose & Farlin’s Clothing detergent is an undeniable choice.  We need to realise the reason why you should use a single clothing detergent for all laundry?

Our little ones are prone to skin allergies & it’s not only because of baby wear instead it can be of many other reasons. For example

  1. Unclean bed sheet/ baby mat.
  2. Direct interaction of bacteria & harmful chemicals from your clothes to baby’s skin.
  3. Using your clean towel /wipe to clean baby in case of emergency.

All these examples are enough to trigger the sense of hygiene within you. Eventually if you start using the same clothing detergent for all your laundry then you tremendously decrease the chances of health hazard for your baby.

This makes us realise how important personal care & hygiene is for us as parents. Just like an engineer can’t do what a doctor can similarly a regular detergent can never outclass a baby specific detergent.

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