Farlin Anti-colic Silicone nipple 2 step-Medium

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Key Features

  • Lengthened air valve on base allows for constant flow of liquid and less ingestion of air, so prevents colic.
  • Specially designed to reduce the fur.
  • Strengthened circle on top for more durable hole.

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A small child ingests a lot of air as his/ her mouth is open till about 6 months. He/ she develops colic which causes pain and leads to crying for upto or more than 3 hours. Farlin anti colic silicone nipples are made of high quality silicone. These silicone nipples are specially designed to ensure that the baby is familiar and comfortable with the mother's nipple shape. They ensure correct placement in baby's mouth and encourage healthy oral exercise.

Q) BPA Free ?
A) Yes
Q) Which neck bottle will be fitted for this nipple?
A) Standard Neck
Q) Features ?
A) This is the anti colic silicon Nipple. And air valve allows constant flow of milk and less ingestion of air. Balances the liquid and air in the bottle.
Q) How long can nipple be use ?
A) As suggested by most of the Doctors it should be used only for three month.
Q) Durable Circle ?
A) Strengthened circle design on top is more durable in use.
Q) How to Clean???
A) For first time and after each time use, please clean the nipple with mild bottle wash and rinse it thoroughly. Store in a dry and clean Place.
Dimensions - 8.8 x 5.6 x 11.5 cm
Weight - 80 gm
Product Classification - Silicon Nipple
Materials - silicon
Bottle Nipple Type - Farlin Anti-colic Sillicone nupple 2 step
Min suggested age of child in months - 3
Max suggested age of child in months - 6
Batteries Required? - No
Batteries Included? - No
Type of Batteries? - No
VAT - 5%
Gender - Unisex-baby