Farlin Baby Bath Tub Anti Skid-Blue

Vendor SKU: BF 178B - BLUE
UPC/GTIN/EAN: 471096244478
Rs 1,595.00

Key Features

  • Farlin Bath Tub has been designed for the safety of your young one.
  • You can drain the water easily after bathing your baby.
  • The baby bath tub is light weight and convenient to use.

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Farlin bath tub is ideal for new mommies to bathe their little ones. It has been specially designed for your baby and you to bond well and enjoy bathing sessions. It is suitable for a baby who is over 40 days old. The capacity of the bath tub is around 30 liters. The bath tub is made from good quality material and the anti skid feature has been added to prevent any unwanted accidents. It does not take up a lot of space and is easy to store anywhere in your house.
Q) Q: What is the weight of the bath tub?
A) A: It is 980 grams.
Q) Q: What is the dimension of the tub?
A) A: It is 24.5 cm X 72 cm X 43 cm.
Q) Q: Will my baby slip in the tub?
A) A: No. We have added the anti skid feature for the safety of your baby.
Q) Q: Does it have a soap case?
A) A: Yes. It has a soap case where you can keep the soap while bathing the baby.
Q) Q: How can I clean it?
A) A: You can sterilize it and use Farlin bottle cleansing fluid.
Dimensions - 38 x 20.4 x 65.5 cm
Weight - 1100 gm
Gender - unisex-baby