Farlin Bath Ball-Blue

Vendor SKU: BF 309A - BLUE
UPC/GTIN/EAN: 471096244309
Rs 145.00

Key Features

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Q) What is the USP??
A) The lighting design allows you to clean earwax with greater precision without scratching walls. Baby’s skin is highly delicate and that’s why Farlin Lighting Ear Cleaner is made from soft yet firm materials for better control.
Q) Can adults also use it???
A) Can be used for adults too
Q) How to use???
A) Push forward the button to turn on the lighting power. Push backward to turn off the lighting power when not used.
Q) Is the material soft for ears???
A) Superior material s for more safety
Q) Material????
A) Acrylonitrile- Butadiene-Styrene , Polycarbonate. Superior materials for more safety
Q) Cautions ???
A) Please do not apply this productbeyond the application as an "Ear Pick". Do not illuminate this products with direct sunlight. Battery enclosed when the battery runs out of power, please replace it. Put the "+" positive polar facing upward when replace the batteries.