Farlin Washable Breast Pads(6 Pcs)

Vendor SKU: BF 632
UPC/GTIN/EAN: 471096244632
Rs 390.00

Key Features

  • (BF 632) WASHABLE BREAST PAD (6pcs.)
  • Economical and environment-protective.
  • Washable for repeated use.
  • Excellent ventilation and absorbancy.
  • Superior softness and comfort.

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Are you worried about taking care of leaking breasts? Yes. Farlin’s washable breast pad is designed to absorb the milk that is produced when you are outside or simply thinking about your baby. The pad needs to be gently placed on the breast and covered by the bra. They are made using high-quality cotton and polyester and are eco-friendly. They are lightweight and are invisible under clothes. The washable breast pad is soft and comfortable.It is easy and convenient to use. The reusable breast pads are eco-friendly and lightweight.The pads have a super absorbent core and are invisible under clothes.

Q) Q: Can I re-use the breast pad?
A) A: Yes. Farlin’s washable breast pad can be re-used.
Q) Q: Is it eco-friendly and non toxic?
A) A: Yes. It is eco-friendly and non toxic.
Q) Q: Is it soft and comfortable?
A) A: Yes. It is very soft and comfortable.
Q) Q: How do I wash it?
A) A: You can wash it in a solution of luke warm water and Farlin’s liquid cleanser.
Q) Q: How to wash??
A) A: Wash with mild Detergent, Please hand was rinse thoroughly with water, twist dry, pull flat and hanging to dry
Q) Q: How well does it absorb the breast milk?
A) A: The breast pads are highly absorbent.  
Q) Q: Is it Soft/Confortable???
A) A: Superior softness and comfort
Q) Q: How many pads are there in the pack?
A) A: The pack contains 6 breast pads.
Dimensions - 10.5 x 2.5 x 13.5 cm
Weight - 60 gm
VAT - 12.50%