Farlin Ele-Cube Manual & Electric Breast Pump

Vendor SKU: AA 12002
UPC/GTIN/EAN: 471096245642
Rs 7,750.00

Key Features

  • Dual manual and electric pumping design.
  • Soft massage mode.
  • Vacuumseal system.
  • BPA free and mini USB charging supported.
  • 9 suction levels.

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Farlin's Ele Cube Breast Pump is an ideal breast pump for all moms. However, it has been specially designed for the requirement of working women in mind. It is the 1st breast pump launched in India with the dual feature, i.e., can be used electrically as well as manually & also offers USB charging support. Farlin Ele Cube breast pump is designed in a distinctive way which enables it to massage your breasts mildly before it begins expressing the milk. You will also get a nipple & top cover, two air valves as well as two disposable breast pads free along with the pump. It is easy, simple and convenient to use.


1.You can very conveniently switch modes from manual to electric and electric to manual.

2.The air system prevents milk from dripping back into the tube and the pump motor.

3. The unique silicone diaphragm is impermeable in both directions. It smartly separates the milk and air and thereby averting motor and tube pollution.

4. You can insert the USB in the power bank for charging if there is no electricity.

How to Use As Electric Breast Pump

1. First, gently remove the handle along with its connector & put this vacuum seal on horn pump and press it against the edge to make sure it fits well.

2. Place this pump head on top of vacuum seal & fix it tight. 

3. Keep the breast pump down, take this motor and attach it with the adaptor. This motor has the on/ off button right here to switch it on. 

4. Now it is completely assembled & your Ele Cube is ready to use.

5. Now hold the express and collection units closer to you. 

6. Press the on Button to begin pumping.

7. You can see the massage mode or M mode displayed on the screen. 

8. The suction phase takes 2 minutes to start from the massage mode (M) to reach the milk expression mode. After suction phase activated you can increase it by

     pressing the button on your left.

9. If you want to reduce the suction level them press the button on your right.

10. You can adjust the level as per your per your need and comfort.

11. When you have finished pumping then press the on/ off button, switch off the button and remove the adaptor from the switch.

12. Remember M stands for the massage mode and you can switch to it by pressing M.


How to Use As Manual Breast Pump

1. Place your breasts gently for the Soft Fit Breast shield.

2. Press the handle of the breast pump and the milk will start flowing in the bottle. 

3. When the milk reaches 3/4th of the bottle, gently release the shield from your breast.

Quick Facts

1. Refrigerated breast milk should be kept between 32° F or 0° C 0 to 39° F or 3.9°C can be used up to 8 days. 
2. Do not feed the baby the breast milk after it has been kept at room temperature for 24 hours.


Brand - Farlin
Type - Manual & Electric Breast Pump
Material - BPA Free

Q) Quick Facts
A) 1. Refrigerated breast milk kept between 32° F or 0° C 0 to 39° F or 3.9°C can be used up to 8 days. 2. Do not feed the baby the breast milk after it has been kept at room temperature for 24 hours
Q) How is the breast pump useful for me?
A) It is ideal for all mothers of an infant. You might need to store your milk and a breast pump helps you to store milk easily and comfortably.
Q) What are some of the unique features of this product?
A) • It is the 1st breast pump with USB charge support which can be used with a power bank, laptop or desktop. You can use it while on the go. • The pre set massage mode helps in relaxing you thereby easing the expression of the milk .
Q) Can this pump be used on a daily basis?
A) Yes. It can be used every day. However, it is dependent on the mother's milk flow and how much milk she is feeding the baby.
Q) Does this product come with any warranty?
A) Yes. We offer one year warranty in which the product is repaired and/ or replaced.
Q) Can I adjust the speed of suction as per my comfort?
A) Yes. You can choose from 1-9 levels.
Q) Is it completely automatic and electric or battery operated?
A) It is operated using an adapter which is accompanied by a USB which makes it possible for you to operate it using a laptop, desktop or with a power bank.
Q) Is it portable?
A) Yes
Q) Dimension
A) 24.5 x 9 x 22.5 cm
Q) Care Instructions
A) Sterilise only the items which touch the human body or breast milk
Q) Components of Farlin’s Ele Cube Electric cum Manual Breast Pump?
A) • Instruction Manual • Nipple and Top Cover • SoftFit Pad (Large) • Disposable Breast Pad - 2 • Diaphragm stem • Ring • Diaphragm • Soft Fit Pad (Small) • Soft Fit Pad (Large) • Horn • Air Valve • Standard Feeding Bottle • Handle • Pump Head • Vacuum Seal • Vacuum Tube • USB Cable • Main Unit
Suction strength - Full range vacuum adjustable.
Pumping intensity - Maximum greater than 50 Kpa.
Power supply - Mains Adapter-Input: 5V, 1.5A,50-60HZ.
Suggested usage - 20- 30 minutes per session.
Usage condition - 0-40°C. Ambient temperature range: 10°C to 40°C.
Relative humidity range - 30% to 75%.
Atmospheric pressure - 100 to 1060 hPa.
Dimensions - 24.5 X 9 X 22.5 cm
Weight - 820 gm