Sterilization & Cleaning

Offering a clean germ-free environment around your baby is the best to keep your baby free from all health issues. Feeding bottles & utensils should be washed with utmost care as feeding residual left in the bottles can cause serious hygiene issues. In order to be 100% sure that the bottles are cleaned thoroughly, we offer you Farlin liquid cleanser which is a plant base cleaning agent & is eco-friendly. It has FDA approved ingredient, organic & strong in removing grease & dirt. It is recognised by ECOCERT & it is phosphate free, phosphorus free & fluorescence free.

You can always make use of Farlin's sterilisers & tongs in order to make sure the bottles are properly cleaned.

However Cleaning the bottles & utensils is not the only precaution that you should be following as the one thing that is always in contact with baby is clothes. Baby clothes & in fact all household clothes needs to be washed efficiently to maintain hygiene & protecting your baby from germs. Farlin's clothing detergent which is made from 100% natural plants formula has anti –bacterial and superior cleaning effects that efficiently removes hard stains & greasy dirt without hurting the fabric or fading the colour. Farlin’s clothing detergent makes cleaning easy as it generates gentle bubbles which make rinsing clothes very smooth. Its unique anti-stink formula makes the clothes softer and offers a delicate fragrance smell after washing.