Farlin Bottle & Nipple Brushes (2 In 1)-Pink

Vendor SKU: BF 257 Pink
UPC/GTIN/EAN: 471096244257
Rs 375.00

Key Features

  • The design of curved bristles in the front tip of bottle brush which could clean the bottom and surrounding side if feeding bottle completely.
  • Round bristles in the end tip of the brush for cleaning the inner side of the bulb portion of nipple thoroughly. After each use, the small brush could be folded down in the handle.
  • The stainless wire binds the bristles firmly, no dropping bristles, which is hygienic.
  • Besides feeding bottle and nipple, this product is also suitable for washing other baby articles, household cups or items.

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"Bottle and Nipple Brushes 2 in 1 bottle&nipple cleaner.For all baby accessories.Also suitable for cleaning other household items.

Dimensions - 12 x 4.7 x 33 cm
Weight - 80 gm