Farlin Eco Friendly Liquid Clothing Detergent

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Key Features

  • Farlin’s organic and strong formula helps remove all kinds of stains and is gentle on your hands.
  • You can wash the entire family’s clothes as they keep their color and texture intact.
  • The cleanser has no preservatives, artificial colors, alcohol and detergents.
  • We use FDA approved natural source ingredients.
  • It is eco friendly and safe for everyday use.

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Farlin Eco Friendly Baby Clothing Detergent is formulated using organic and eco friendly cleansing agents that are gentle on the baby’s skin. You can wash your entire family’s clothes in it as it effectively removes any dirt or stain. The ingredients of the detergent are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). We understand that a child’s skin is sensitive and the detergent is tough on the stains but gentle on the baby sensitive skin.

Q) Is the detergent eco friendly?
A) Yes. The detergent is eco – friendly as it is made using plant extracts.
Q) Does it remove the germs and bacteria from the clothes?
A) Yes. The detergent is anti bacterial and successfully removes the germs.
Q) Does it contain any artificial flavour or perfumes?
A) No. It does not contain any artificial flavour or perfume and is environment-friendly.
Q) Please give the instructions to use it?
A) Break the seal and mix the liquid in water. Immerse the object and gently scrub it.
Q) How much should I use?
A) Please add 2.5 ml wash liquid to 1 Litre of water.
Dimensions - 15.5 x 5.3 x 24.5 cm
Weight - 1200 gm