Farlin Eco Friendly Baby Liquid Cleanser Spray (100ml)

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Rs 295.00

Key Features

  • The liquid cleanser spray is mild as well as natural as it formulated using organic 100 percent food grade (edible) ingredients.
  • It is phosphorous, phosphate as well as fluorescent free and kills 99.99 percent bacteria.
  • The cleanser has no preservatives, artificial colors, alcohol and detergents.
  • Apart from removing the toughest stains it removes pesticides residue on fruits and vegetables.
  • The liquid cleanser for feeding bottles is available in 100 ML and 700 ML.

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Did you wish for a non – toxic, eco – friendly and FDA certified liquid cleanser that is suitable for your entire family especially your new bundle of joy. Farlin’s Eco Friendly Baby Liquid Cleanser is mild, natural, eco – friendly, FDA and ECOCERT certified. You can wash almost anything with it. It is suitable for washing your baby’s feeding bottle, pacifier, gum soother, table ware, fruits, vegetables and septic tanks to name a few. The liquid cleanser is gentle on your hands and very effective in removing stains. 

Q) Q. How is the wash formulated?
A) A. Farlin Eco Friendly Baby Liquid Cleanser is formulated using 100 percent food grade (edible) ingredients.
Q) Q. What are the benefits of buying it?
A) A. It is anti-bacteria, gentle on skin and multipurpose as you can wash fruits, vegetables, toys, pacifier, gum soother, tableware and septic tanks with it.
Q) Q. Does it contain any artificial flavor or perfumes?
A) A. No. It does not contain any artificial flavour or perfume and is environment-friendly.
Q) Q. Please give the instructions to use it?
A) A. Break the seal and mix the liquid in water. Immerse the object and gently scrub it.
Q) Q. Is the safe and hygienic?
A) A. Yes. It is manufactured using organic plant based ingredients that are approved by FDA and ECOCERT.
Dimensions - 3 3 16
Weight - 190 gm