Farlin Feeding Bottle Cleaning Fluid (500ml)

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Key Features

  • You can wash the bottle using our product that is mild as well as natural as it contains plant formula.
  • Our anti – bacteria formula is non –phosphorous as well as environment friendly.
  • Farlin feeding bottle wash is available in 500 ML and 700 ML.
  • It’s multi – purpose as you can wash toys, fruits, vegetables and tableware with it.
  • Our wash is approved by FDA.

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Cleaning your baby’s bottles is essential, as feeding bottles are something which are used on a daily basis. Get this Farlin Feeding Bottle Wash to keep your little one’s bottles clean and free of germs. Formulated with food-grade natural plants this is mild and non-irritable which are soft on your hands. As this bottle wash is formulated with plant extracts, it is safe for use and ensures that your little one is taken care of.  Being non-toxic, this bottle wash can be used to clean your little one’s feeding bottles, fruits and vegetables without thinking twice. Safe for cleaning baby care products, vegetables and fruits. 

Q) How is the wash formulated?
A) Farlin Baby Feeding Bottle Wash is formulated using plant extracts.
Q) What are the benefits of buying it?
A) It is anti-bacteria, gentle on skin and multipurpose as you can wash fruits, vegetables, toys as well as tableware with it.
Q) Does it contain any artificial flavour or perfumes?
A) No. It does not contain any artificial flavour or perfume and is environment-friendly.
Q) Please give the instructions to use it?
A) Break the seal and mix the liquid in water. Immerse the object and gently scrub it.
Q) How much should I use?
A) Please add 2.5 ml wash liquid to 1 Liter of water.
Q) Is the safe and hygienic?
A) Yes. It is manufactured using natural ingredients that are approved by FDA.
Dimensions - 7.5 x 5 x 17.5 cm
Weight - 620 gm