Farlin Fox Kids Backpack-Green

Vendor SKU: FB 50003 GREEN
Rs 1,495.00

Key Features

  • Farlin Waffle Fox Kids backpack for play school- Green Color- (2+ years) baby is a fun kids backpack.
  • Kids love characters and we love our kids. So gift your baby this cute waffle fox bag.
  • Kids will fall in love with this charming waffle fox character. Waffle fox Kids backpack will bring happiness to kids.
  • Kids will become friend with this adorable waffle fox.

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Congratulations! Your little bundle of joy has grown up and is ready to go to pre-school. They need a bag to carry books, lunch box as well as a pencil box. Farlin backpack is made using high-quality polyester as well as ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer which is ideal for carrying the necessary items. They are sturdy and long lasting. They come in different shapes, color and design.
Dimensions - 25 x 13 x 30 cm
Weight - 400 gm